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attain the life you desire awareness emotional body Jun 13, 2023


Hello Hello Hello!
I am so excited for today’s newsletter! There is so much going on in the Mattain world that I would love to share with you!
First of all, we have decided to create monthly themes! These monthly themes will allow us to focus on certain elements of the human journey. We will focus on these themes on all the mediums: InsightTimer, YouTube, Instagram, and at the Mattain website!
This month, the theme is anxiety. Anxiety is not an emotion. Anxiety is a state of being where all four bodies, physical, emotional, mental, and egoic, are expressed loudly! Anxiety stems from unacknowledged fears about the future. The future represents something that is unknown and out of control.
Anxiety shows up in the emotional body as overwhelming sensations. Anxiety is not an emotion – but does mask an emotion – largely, the emotion of fear. Anxiety is expressed in the physical body as tension, numbness, and pain. Anxiety is expressed in the mental body as rumination on overly frantic thoughts. These are thoughts that are not controlled and feed the loop of emotional and physical pain.
This month, we will explore how anxiety shows up in your body. How to understand it. How to use it to understand your fears – and how to shift to acknowledge your desires. And then we will explore how to use anxiety to follow your desires and move toward the life that you want. And of course we will do it all in regular Mattain-fashion – fun, curious, playful, and explorative!
To kick off our month on anxiety, I have recorded my first Podcast of the Mattain by Manal Show! The first episode is about Attaining the Life you Desire, you can watch it here We will be releasing podcasts weekly, and will be focusing on anxiety for the remainder of March!
I am so, so excited to continue to grow and expand with you! Please let me know what you think; your feedback is invaluable to helping me craft inspired content.
Life is amazing! Let’s shine together.
My Love, Always

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