Understanding Depression Episode 5

Jul 27, 2023

Depression is often perceived as a heavy, debilitating cloud that robs us of joy. This is undeniably true and yet, as we navigate this human journey, it's vital to remember our ultimate goal - to revel in the beauty, pleasure, and joy of life. This is a core Mattain-Speak belief.

So, why does depression cause us to feel so distant from joy? There could be myriad reasons, but primarily it arises when we attach our happiness to external factors and disconnect from our internal self. When we let outside circumstances dictate our emotional state, we slip into what I term 'victim' narratives - "I'm feeling depressed because of X event, Y person, or Z situation." This kind of thinking places the reins of our emotions into the hands of something or someone else. Today's podcast delves deep into this intricate topic - tune into "Decoding Depression: Reclaiming Control Over Your Emotions."

Though the series may appear heavy, our approach remains empowering - we aim to offer understanding and compassion for the human journey! For those wanting to dive deeper, our Mattain Flagship Course: Attain the Life you Desire is an excellent starting point for unpacking these concepts. If you haven't already, now's the time to start!

Looking forward to exploring this journey with you! And, as always, if you have a specific topic in mind, please do share. The journey is always more enriching when we engage together.

My Love, Always,


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Understanding Depression Episode 5

Jul 27, 2023