Overwhelmed by Life Podcast Mattain by Manal Episode 4 #overwhelmedbylife

Jul 26, 2023

Hello Vickie,
Today’s Mattain U we will be exploring a phrase that I hear so frequently – Overwhelmed by LIfe! So many of us are feeling so out of control with life. How do you feel about your life? Are you feeling in control? Or out of control? Are you always running? Running late? Mind looping? Self-judgment of what should have been?
If so, you may be like many people living life by dwelling on the past or chasing the future and never truly being present to enjoy life. It’s not the number of things that you are taking on in life that makes one feel overwhelmed, it is not being present during activities and between the transition of activities. 
The antidote to a crazy life is being present. Once you engage in being present – all of the ‘noise’ of life truly dissipates. Being present allows you to connect with activities, other people, and yourself. Being present engages all five of your senses, allowing the pleasures and beauties of life to shine through. Being present for all of your activities will enable you to feel grounded and connected to life and your self.
But being present is not easy when you are overwhelmed by life. It is a vicious circle – be present to not feel overwhelmed however it is difficult to be present because you feel overwhelmed. This is because all of your bodies, physical, mental, emotional, and egoic are overwhelmed and have not processed shame, judgement, or guilt, fear, anxiety, or stress etc. of the past and the future. 
It is possible to be relaxed, successful, purposeful, and productive while enjoying life. This is the mission of Mattain - to let go of all that keeps you from the pleasures of life. If you’re having trouble getting present in life, the Mattain Flagship Course: Attain the Life you Desire may be exactly what the doctor prescribed!
Want to explore more about an overwhelmed life, enjoy my Podcast: Episode 4 Overwhelmed by Life
My Love, Always

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