Unraveling Anxiety: Understanding Fear of the Future for Personal Growth - Mattain Podcast Ep.2

Jul 24, 2023


 Today’s  MattainU is continuing to explore this month’s theme topic – anxiety!
I’ve introduced the concept that anxiety is unacknowledged fears about the future. When one suppresses their fears – the Mattain-speak four bodies: egoic, mental, emotional and physical, express themselves in amplified ways. The physical body may feel tension, numbness, and pain. The emotions may be overwhelmed and fatigued. The mind may also feel overwhelmed by uncontrolled and obsessive thoughts. The egoic body feels incapable, alone, and out of control. 
These expressions are what is called anxiety. These expressions from the four bodies will not stop until one acknowledges their fears.
So today we will explore fear! The fears of life that we all carry fall into one of three categories – fear of death, fear of failure, and fear of being unloved. 
Let’s explore…
• The fear of death can be expressed in many ways – fear of mortality, fear of being out of control, fear of not getting everything done, fear of the body failing, fear of illness, and the feeling of being alone.
• The fear of failure can also be expressed in many ways – fear of success (self sabotage here!), fear of not being good enough, fear of being unworthy, fear of being bad, fear of being wrong. Being a perfectionist falls in the fear of failure category.
• And finally, fear of being unlovable. This is expressed by fear of not being happy, never being happy, fear of not being loved, fear of not finding love, fear of being alone, and fear of being abandoned. 
Which of these fears do you resonate with? 
Are there other ways that you may express your fears? 
Want to eliminate your anxiety?
A sure fire way to minimize and even eliminate the expressions of anxiety in your bodies is simply by stopping and exploring your fears when you start to feel anxious. Anxiety is a fear that is unacknowledged - by acknowledging your fears – your anxiety will diminish. In the beginning it may feel overwhelming to explore your fears, but the more you do it – the easier it becomes!
My podcast, Anxiety and Control Issues Podcast Episode 2 goes in depthy. You can find it on YouTube, or any podcast streaming service: Spotfy, Google, or Apple. Leave me comments! 

Enjoy your self-exploration! This is where freedom lies.
My love, Always

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